Friday, April 29, 2005

Addendum: Saux

Oh now Schill, Wells, and Arroyo are all warming pine. Last I heard, you are to submit applications to 100 We're Screwed Lane, Boston, MA.

Anyone else tired of this "It's just April" talk? I mean, yeah it is, great calendar work folks. Talk to the teams in August and ask them whether they would trade a losing April for a losing June and they'd be hard pressed to find the difference. The games do count...all of them. So for the mean time, be an April sportscaster in April and a August sportscaster in August. If a team is doing well, say it! Don't qualify their success with your stereotypes of how they should have done. The reason this pisses me off the most is because if the Saux or the Yankers had a rip roaring April the headline would be "Yanks Continue Dominance". Orioles do well? "A Bunch of Teams Have a Great what happened to the Yankees". I hate to sound like a victim but it is all bunk.

It's the lawyer in me.


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