Thursday, April 28, 2005

All's good in O-town

(Bet you thought you'd never see the phrase "O-town" ever again...I bet you at least HOPED you'd never see it).

So...we's got rain. And the forecast for Friday and Saturday? "It gon rain". Sports Illustrated has its latest Power Rankings out yesterday and the O's are third. Why? Well straight from the horse's mouth:
Sure, it's early but taking five out of six from the Yankees -- and outscoring them 47-26 in the process -- is impressive. A hot start certainly is one way to counter that novelty of the Nationals down the road.
Now I don't want either of my two readers to think that I have some sort of false idea of what the power rankings are. I talk about them a lot NOT because they prove anything (the standings do that) but because they are a thermostat on the outside view looking in. The higher they see our .300+ batting, stolen base and RBI leading team the better I can sleep at night without bracing for a slump to end all slumps.

Speaking of slumps, how bout dem Yanks? "Ohmigod A-rod just hit three homers in the same game. The Yankees are back in it. First place here we come, get out of the way really, get out of the way. Com'on Blue Jays...the Orioles took our seat, we're trying to get it back. Whattya mean we have to win games...didn't we win...oh that's right, we lost...again." Mike Mussina's "moose" is cooked (that was bad). Yes, yes I know: the Yankees historically slump in April. Well the games do count and from what I see this is more of a disease than the common cold. You've got above average offense hitting at a below average pace, over-rated pitching (Pavano) on pace, and a bullpen that doesn't scare my 6 year old little leaging cousins. Everyone has a Yankee fan at their home or office and I have this suggestion: Don't say a thing. It will freak the hell out of them because they are used to looking down the pipe at the Orange and Black. Don't say a word and they have to sit in their misery without even the hope of an "in your face" comment once the Yanks come back (which they probably will...but not without the Oriole's permission). All they will have is a bad team doing what bad teams do: lose.


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