Friday, April 29, 2005

How I really feel about the Saux...

I've been real torn about this recently. Curt "I've got a real red sock" Schilling and David "Thank God Ponson's Fatter than Me" Wells are on the 15 day DL. They probably will only be there for the 15 days but Schilling has an especially long hall (anyone smell career ending injury?). I am pissed. We've got the World freakin' Champion team in our own division and they are literally crippled. We face them again in June (thanks to the rain delay, I've got Fenway Tickets!) and who knows what kind of jack-mo they'll have pitching then (Boomer will be back, but I reiterate my doubts about Schilling). And those wins, knock on wood, will be cheap.

The Oriole's eat bullpens. Bronson Arroyo is prone for break-down. Clement is real good but falls apart like a Jinga tower late into games. I'm not saying we are always going to do well against the Red Sox. I'm not even all that concerned with the O's/Saux match-ups. I just don't want to look at the standings later on...should we continue at this pace...and be tagged as a victor of circumstance.

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