Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Little Tiny Bit of Love

Instead of Brooms we got raincoats today. I hate to sound like a turncoat but I didn't really think Cabrera was ready for a Wakefield matchup just yet. Next month, definitely. Today, there was hope but hope in one hand #$%#$ in the other, check which one fills up first.

So, what love am I talking about? Sport's Illustrated is showing itself to be the first domino (falling before the home paper, I might add). Despite his straigh-jacket comment, there is much credence in his suggestion that a "fluke" team couldn't have come back from last night's deficit. B.J. "I don't look like a Red Sock" Ryan also is the real deal. Our starters are NOT sporatic and anyone who actually looked into that could see that it is the fluke games that set off their ERA's rather than being consistently bad with a fluke win.

I'll be watching the Wiz up against the Bulls tonight. If Arenas can step up and hang with Hughes, this is going to be a great game. If not, Gordon will walk all over them. (This isn't a basketball blog...just thought I'd give a prop or two).


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