Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Lopez v. Clement

As we all remember, the last time Lopez faced the Saux the only run scored was off of Tejada's error. Rodrigo can face these bats if he's on his game. For some reason, all of our starters for the past week have claimed to have had trouble getting ahold of the strike zone (Fenway's Questech [sp] can be blamed for much of that). But yet despite this problem, the O's are running away with the W. In a park like Fenway where you are going to get vertical strikes but horizontal balls (umps get fishy with this new laser testing system), Bedard is going to kill some people with his sinker. Lopez on the other hand will have to depend a great deal on fielding and playing as a Wells "pop out" pitcher.

The O's bats are definitely a momentum run system. When they are winning, they tear out runs like pages in a book. When they are losing, each at bat is "brutish and short". Sosa historically has a bad April but as soon as he turns on, the offense will be in a whole new way. Don't get me wrong, this is fantastic as is. But look at all the games we've won so far this season and at least 3/4 started off with a home-run...and it was all downhill from there


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