Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Rut Roh

Daniel Cabrera. The young fella that struck out the first MLB batter he ever faced. Danny Cabs who had a 6 inning no hitter in his first game. Daniel Cabrera who is the largest question mark out of all of the O's starters. In a recent interview, he said he was "real close" to getting on his game. Anyone who has seen "his game" knows that he can be an unbelievable pitcher. When he's "off his game" pitches are flying behind batters...and into their legs. I think his last game against Blue Jays almost started a fight.

My prediction is that Danny figures it out today. These dogs don't hunt and if Cabrera isn't hitting the strike zone today, no one's swinging (except for oafy Ortiz). Reed's slider tricked almost everyone of those bats last night and Cabrera's got the same pitch. I sincerely hope that batters don't get hit because...dey bigger den us. And if Danny can't pull it together...bring out Todd Williams.

On a different subject all together: Power rankings are supposed to be contemporary. They are SUPPOSED to describe the "state of things". Hence, current league standings should play a role...and if nothing else whether or not one team beat another team should play a role. They do not. These 2004 romanticists won't let the Yanks drop below the O's in many cases just so they can put them next to the Saux. I have less of a problem seeing the Saux ranked higher even though I think its bunk (remember their series against Tampa Bay?).


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