Saturday, April 30, 2005

Three Eight Five

.385 is B-Bob's batting average. Holy Schnikees! (I'm not this much of a dork...I just want to try and keep the language clean). Who is this kid? I feel like the Orioles went out and bought a dozen eggs (Sosa) and came home to find their cat popping out omlets (B-bob). And like B-bob, who doesn't want to like this dude? He's humble and hard-working. Mazz has all the starters "box" the game (fill out the box sheets) before every start. Bedard boxes every game (except his own of course). Bedard asks every other starter for advice even though some may say he is in the top half of the group. I imagine everything Ray Miller says goes from words to action whenever he talks to the kid. Now...if only we had a catchy nickname. For now "The Kid" will work.

As you may have noticed, in between exams I've been reading "Moneyball" there is one line in there describing Miggy that I thought was pretty funny. The author inquires why Tejada strikes out all the time. The answer? "You don't walk off the island".

So anyway, I'm tapped out for today. I may have more to write later but I also MAY be going to the Wiz playoff game (pays to know some people who know some people who robbed some people)...(that's a quote from a movie so don't go five O on me).

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