Thursday, July 14, 2005


I hope you all enjoyed the irony of my last post as I faded off into oblivion. My summer picked off at a break-neck speed and everytime I sat down to write something I almost felt bad for coming back to a lackluster "thing". Well, if there is a great time to come back...isn't it the halfway mark.

A couple big items:

Burnett: This fella makes all the difference right now. No one will deny that combined with what we have, this kid will do wonders. His strikeouts combined with our infield will be a good chance for a win almost every outing. Do we want him? Nope. In two years we will have Cabrera as our ace, Hayden as our second man, and probably John Maine somewhere in the mix (I think Chen will be traded in the next two years). Bigbie is a new Surhoff and the day we get rid of him we will feel bad. So I say, lets use this season as an experiment. Next year as a contender. The year after that as Champs.

Playoffs: Ok, now...let me finish my piece before you close this page. We will probably make the playoffs (KNOCK ON WOOD). The Red Sox and being held together by band-aids and chewing gum. Bronson is a flash in the pan and opposing teams will soon pray for Schilling's time at the mound. Clement is a bad mamma-jamma but many teams have his number. The Yanks will be big competition but you can only get so far on offense (pot calling the kettle black?). O's --> Cabrera and Penn are getting better with every outing. Bedard will be back, not to a 5-1 self, but he will be good. Our bullpen is certainly shaping up (Hey Kline, we have this awesome farm system...maybe you can teach them how to balk). And if the O's can play half of how they played last August it is almost in the bag (we were stepping up on the Red Sox for the wildcard last year). Now seems a good time to put my chips I done's it.

Sosa: Sosa is our "red button". I'm not going to say he will do anything different...but just imagine if he did. ESPN: "Dem O's were just hanging in there and then Sosa came out the box." We have this "red button" that should be in the back of everyone's mind when we are a couple games out of first.

This blog: I am going to hold myself to a once a week commitment. Readers finally started to post at the end of my last run so hopefully some people will come back.


At 11:17 AM, Blogger JD said...

good to see you posting again! I'd like to talk to you about possibly joining forces. Shoot me an email if interested in talking.



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