Wednesday, November 30, 2005

And the Regular Retail Price Is...

$5 million! That is the value of the intangible characteristic of coming to join the Orioles; a team that has not had a winning season in years. Konerko refused the Oriole offer of $65 million over 5 years to accept the World Champ White Sox offering of $60 million over 5 years. If I was the supposed "Number 1 free agent available" (according to ESPN) I would feel pretty pissed that the White Sox didn't even match the top offer on the table. They both knew he would resign, presumably, so why not just look at whats offered and negotiate for the highest amount. At least that would have saved us a little embarassment. First TO, now this.

In other news, it appears we are standing a good chance of getting Byrd. He wants to play for Mazzone and we are the top bidders (for now). Please God let us get someone. If nothing else to remind the Sports Nation that we were one of the top 10 teams in baseball at the all-star break. According to most sources, playing for the O's is like playing for the Devil Rays. Sheesh. Tejada, Mora, Roberts, Lopez, Bedard, Cabrera. Play nice.


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