Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Off-season Mess

You're less than reliable host has returned. No promises this time. Just the assurance that I'm not satisfied with how this blog or the Orioles finished last season.

So Ryan has defected to the services of another nation. I wish him the best and hope he said as many "Holy sh*ts" as the rest of America when he read the offer from the Blue Jays. To digress for a moment, a closer is primarily of value in 1 run games. Assumedly, save opportunities come up about 20-30 times a season. That said, the Blue Jays will be paying BJ about $500,000 a save. I understand the argument "The only teams that are pissed are the ones that didn't get the player" but this is truly ridiculous.

White Sox 1st Baseman (and AL Champ MVP) Paul Konerko, reportedly, has been offered $50 million over 5 years. This offer is evidently the best on the table for the time being. Konerko, evidently, won't come East. The Orioles finally make the best offer to an unattainable player. Oh the Sound and the Fury.

Mora and Gibbons are up for resigning. Its a good thing that Mora didn't have the same numbers as last year and its too bad that the O's didn't sign Gibby for more that one year last offseason. Both should be retained (although I admit I am a big Gibbons fan). Also, the Sun is talking about making Roberts a little more comfortable before he comes up for re-signing next year. I don't know about that. The Orioles have an uphill bidding battle with most players because they are a losing team. Its kind of like when an airline gives you first class tickets after your original flight fills up. If the O's can pull out a, knock on wood, WINNING season they may be in a better position to deal with Roberts.

Its a sad year in Baltimore Sports. All we have going for us is a World Heavyweight Champion who won his title by default.


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