Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Bye Bye Balking Cry Baby Kline

I know, I know...that subject said aloud is like nails on a chalkboard but I could think of no other way to say goodbye to Stevie Kline. My impression of him was mostly a roller coaster until I realized that the only time I didn't wish him ill will it was because of something having nothing to do with baseball. For instance, I read one day how he won't let his little girl come to his games for fear that she will hear him booed. Me: Poor dude. Ok from now on I won't boo him. (Next time I'm at the game he balks and throws a home run right afterward, losing the game)...Me: I wish your daughter was here so that she knew from what depths she would have to rise in order to be successful in this world.

Anyway, off to the Giants for him...the recepticle of Orioles pitching trash. Let's not pick him back up like we did with Ponson. Hello LaTroy Hawkins. If you check out you'll see that he had two spectacular season in 2002 and 2003 but has since fallen off again. I think Mazzone may be able to do something with him and he seems excited to be working with the great "pitchers pitching coach".

Now I know why I shouldn't enter academia. If I could, I would take back the 4.0 I gave the warehouse last entry. According to reports from the winter meeting they are being very loose with whom they may trade. If I hear about Bedard going anywhere for anything less than a blue chip starter/first baseman I very sad.

How bout dem Blue Jays? You can't say someone's overspending when they still have the money to buy whatever they want. I really don't want to be looking up at them all season. For now, they still haven't picked up any offensive powerhouses.

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