Friday, December 09, 2005

Miggy-gate Day 2

Rick Maese has an editorial in today's Sun that gives me hope:

Actually, what I'm wondering right now is whether they really have changed. Tejada strikes me as a guy who speaks out of frustration, maybe exaggerates his intentions to match his mood.

There was one day in September when Tejada was tired. He told a Sun reporter that he was thinking about sitting out a game, which would've ended his streak of consecutive games.

"My streak will be over," he said then, "probably this year."

Of course, he backed away from those statements the very next day and by season's end, the longest active streak in the majors was still alive.

Its just so great of Miggs to do this now when people are already shoving dirt in Baltimore's face over all the moves the $75 Million Blue Jays are making. If Tejada does move, I hope they find eight different kinds of steriods in his B12 shot.

In other news, there is word on the street that Angelos made another dirty deed. MLB earmarked some of the settlement it made with Petey for "Personnel Improvement". They are now looking to get that money back since Angelos decided to pocket that money rather than give it to the team. Can we buy a break? (Probably not)


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